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  • Instant Remote Support – To our SLA Clients who already have the required software installed.
  • Need Assistance – Email or call us to book a remote session to assist you.
  • Remote Maintenance – Combined with Management software, allows access to our clients computers 24/7 to avoid unexpected downtime.
  • Safe & Secure – Rescue IT value and respect your privacy.  Having doubts?  Simply inform us and we will setup the software to only access on your permission.
  • Discreet – Rescue IT can repair and troubleshoot problems without even physically being onsite.
  • Cost Effective & Environment Friendly – Zero Carbon Footprint as well as Zero travel costs billed.  Supporting your business as well as the environment.
  • Time Saving – Problems resolved in most cases in less time than actually driving out to site. 

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Remotely Satisficated Customers

Kilometers Saved